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Note: I did not design this character. There are a few things I would probably have done differently.

Basic Information:
Name: Aegis
Identity: Bethany Cabe
Player: Rebecca Stevenson
Nationality: US Citizen
Legal Status: No criminal record
Occupation: Bodyguard
Group Affiliation: Avengers
Base of Operations: New York
Power Source: Hi-Tech Wonder
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Gender: Female
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 125
Hair: Red
Eyes: Green
Age: 26
Build: Slender/athletic
Primary Attributes:

Normal/With Aegis Armor:

Fighting: Excellent (20) / Remarkable (30)
Agility: Good (10) / Ecellent (20)
Strength: Typical (05) / Amazing (50)
Endurance: Excellent (20)
Reason: Good (10)
Intuition: Good (10)
Psyche: Typical (05)

Secondary Attributes:

Health: 55 / 120
Karma: 114
Resources: Good (10)
Popularity: 5
Talents: Guns, Martial Arts B, Wrestling
Contacts: Tony Stark, Stark Industries; Albert Denck, German consulate

Powers/Power Stunts:

BODY ARMOR (Artificial-Exoskeleton) Remarkable 30
Bethany has been supplied by Anthony Stark and Stark Industries with an experimental battle-suit of advanced powered armor. The battle-suit grants Bethany all of her superhuman powers and abilities as Aegis. The armor's exoskeleton increases her physical attributes; Fighting +1 CS, Agility +1 CS, Strength +5 CS. Her Endurance and Mental Attributes remain unchanged by the suit. When not wearing the Aegis Battle-Suit Bethany's Primary and Secondary Attributes fall to their normal levels. The armor itself provides Bethany with Remarkable (30) protection/resistance to Physical Attacks and Good (10) protection/resistance to Energy Attacks.

STUNNING MISSILE (Energy Bolt) Remarkable 30
The Aegis Armor incorporates an advanced weapons system built into the suit's gauntlets that is capable of discharging Force Bolts (Kinetic Energy) that inflict up to Remarkable (30) Damage on the Force Column. In addition the gauntlets can emit a Pulsed Electrical Impulse which can Stun its target with Power Rank Intensity on the Stun Column.

FLIGHT (Anti-Gravity Propulsion) Typical 05
While wearing the Aegis Armor Bethany is able to fly through the air silently and without any apparent means of propulsion through an advanced avionics anti-gravity system that harnesses the power of gravitons. Bethany is able to carry as much weight as she can physically lift though large bulky or unaerodynamic shapes can create drag which can reduce her flight speed.

LIGHTNING SPEED (Flight) Remarkable 30
The Aegis Armor Propulsion System is able to propel Bethany at speeds of up to 225 m.p.h. (15 Areas). The compter-assisted avionics package allows Bethany to turn at maximum speed without penalty using Lightning Speed's Remarkable (30) Power Rank instead of Agility. The propusion system enables Bethany to accelerate to full speed in one round, and decelerate from full speed to full stop in the space of one area. The anti-gravity bubble formed around Bethany while she is in flight provides protection from the effects of high speed velocity as well as the effects of G-forces enabling her to perform acrobatic stunts normal pilots could not due to the force of gravity.


[This is my attempt to create a coherent background for a character I'm pretty sure was originally created by throwing darts at a wheel of random characteristics.]

The Cabes fought their way out from the social stigma of Irish Catholicism fairly recently, and thanks largely to the power of the dollar—the post-war years were good to the family's once-modest shipping interests. Bethany grew up in the comfortable surroundings of her parents' house in the Hamptons with her older siblings (four brothers and one sister). Shortly after her graduation from Smith College with a Liberal Arts degree (and a B average), she met Alexander van Tilburg, newly appointed junior ambassador to the US for West Germany. The two married after a six-month whirlwind romance.

Over the course of their marriage she watched him pursue career advancement with single-minded purpose. In the meantime, she grew increasingly bored with the Washington wife routine and frustrated by his refusal to take her concerns seriously. It was clear that she took a distant second place in his life, and to make matters worse his substance abuse became more and more of a problem, one he refused to discuss—along with all the other problems. After eighteen months, she packed her things and left.

Relations with her family became strained with the separation and more or less ended with Van Tilberg's death in a car accident soon after Bethany's departure. Her mother publicly and vocally agrees with Bethany's private conviction that if she hadn't left him, her husband would still be alive; her father is simply baffled by her recent career decisions. The only member of the family she retains much connection with is her oldest brother Alan, who in his position as heir apparent passes on the pertinent news (and a couple of times at the beginning, pertinent cash, which she insisted on paying back at the going interest rate).

Overwhelmed by guilt and anger directed equally at herself and Alexander, these feelings slowly resolved into an unyielding determination—that never again would she be dependent or vulnerable in any fashion. She bought a gun, learned to use it, found out that she was pretty good with it. Thus began her current incarnation, with a couple nomadic years of wandering up and down the East Coast in search of teaching and a purpose. Eventually settling back in New York, she and fellow student Ling McPherson opened the doors of their business in early 1962. At first dubious, potential clients quickly became convinced of the value in having as a dinner companion an attractive young woman who could converse pleasantly on topics of current interest, knew her etiquette, and could beat a man three times her size senseless. They have an office on the ground floor of a building in mid-town Manhattan, with an apartment above it, and currently live a comfortable if not lavish life.

Bethany met Tony Stark at an otherwise unremarkable reception; a short time later he hired her as his personal bodyguard. Unknown to Bethany at the time, Stark was screening her as a candidate for field testing high-technology items designed to turn their user into a superhuman crime fighter. Eventually Stark concluded that she could be trusted, and approached her with his plans; she agreed, and soon thereafter Aegis was born.

Not technically an SI employee but on full-time retainer to Mr. Stark personally, her role there remains under the ambiguous title of "personal assistant" as far as most regular employees are concerned, although company security is aware of her position and keep her up-to-date on anything that might have a bearing on her job. Ling is having some trouble keeping up with the business by herself lately.

The Aegis armor is custom-fit, surprisingly flexible due to its advanced materials, and close-fitting, leaving no mystery as to the wearer's sex, but otherwise providing a complete disguise. The surface appears enameled in a deep hunter green and looks black in shadow, with touches of fine gold filigree. Wearing it, she looks an inch or two taller than she normally does.

Not quite a cynic, Bethany doesn't expect much of people, and is always on her emotional guard. Few people know her well, and her current employer knows very little of her personal history. She considers herself to be free of illusions and ideals, and has largely redefined herself around her sense of professionalism, a consolation for a life which at times seems somewhat empty.

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