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Delta V
Basic Information:
Name: Delta V
Identity: Dr. Curtis Connors
Player: Paul Browning
Nationality: US Citizen
Legal Status: No criminal record
Group Affiliation: Avengers
Base of Operations: New York City
Power Source: Altered human
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Gender: Male
Height: 6'
Weight: 185
Hair: Light Brown
Eyes: Green
Primary Attributes:
Fighting: Excellent (20)
Agility: Excellent (20)
Strength: Good (10)
Endurance: Remarkable (30)
Reason: Remarkable (30)
Intuition: Excellent (20)
Psyche: Excellent (s0)
Secondary Attributes:
Health: 80
Karma: 70
Resources: Good (10)
Contacts: Biology Department, Empire State University
Talents: Biology, Biochemistry, Herpetology, Medicine

Powers/Power Stunts:

Lightning Speed (Amazing 50)

Regeneration (Remarkable 30)

Extra Attacks (Incredible 40)


Husband, father, scientist...superhuman speedster!

Curtis Connors is a compassionate man who, as an Army surgeon, lost his right arm when a war wound became gangrenous. Unable to remain a surgeon, Curtis undertook the scientific study of reptiles, soon becoming a leading authority. Reptiles still possess the ability to regenerate missing limbs, whereas mammals have evolved away that trait. Connors, using his knowledge of biology and herpetology, worked out a formula that he thought would enable the regeneration of missing limbs in humans. Amazingly, the formula imbued Curtis with superhuman powers. Curtis has recently decided to see if he can use his powers to help others. He is unsure about including his wife Martha and son William in this decision. Upon using the altered reptile DNA serum on himself, Dr. Curtis Connors was pleased to discover that it worked and his arm grew back at an accelerated rate. However, he also discovered that certain changes had taken place within his own body. He noticed that small cuts and bruises would heal almost instantly. He also began to realize that he could move at a superhuman rate of speed. The regenerative abilities he gained counteracted the build up of fatigue poisons in his blood which allowed his enhanced physique to move at superhuman speed. He is hesitant to tell his wife about his new abilities, but suspects that she realizes he is holding something back about the experiment that regrew his arm. He believes that he should use his powers to help mankind in the same way that he has tried to use his scientific knowledge to do the same. He is unsure of exactly how to do this. Will stopping random street crime really improve the world as a whole? If only there were some way to use his powers to avert grand catastrophes or to stop major threats to the safety of the world.

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