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Patsy Walker/Ravdna
Basic Information:
Name: The Valkyrie
Identity: Patsy Walker/Ravdna
Player: Dan Harvey
Nationality: US Citizen/Asgard
Legal Status: No criminal record
Occupation: Model/Chooser of the Slain
Group Affiliation: Avengers
Base of Operations: New York
Power Source: None/Alien
Ethnicity: Caucasian/Asgardian
Gender: Female/Female
Height: 5' 6" / 6' 4"
Weight: 130/ 350
Hair: Red/ Blonde
Eyes: Blue/ Blue
Skin: Pale/Pale
Age: 24/ 2000 +
Build: Lithe/Muscular
Primary Attributes:
Fighting: Good (10) / Incredible (40)
Agility: Good (10) / Good (10)
Strength: Good (10) / Remarkable (30)
Endurance: Good (10) / Incredible (40)
Reason: Good (10) / Typical (5)
Intuition: Good (10) / Remarkable (30)
Psyche: Excellent (20) / Excellent (20)
Secondary Attributes:
Health: 40 / 120
Karma: 70/ 70
Resources: Good (10) / NA
Contacts: (As Patsy) Dr Henry McCoy; (As Ravdna) Odin
Talents: (As Patsy) Martial Arts A, Occult Lore; (As Ravdna) Weapon Specialist—Spear, Wrestling, +2 CS

Powers/Power Stunts:
(As Ravdna)

Alter Ego Gd 10

Body Armor Gd 10

Valkyrie Senses—This power is the basis for a Valkyrie's ability as Choosers of the Slain. It enables her to see into peoples hearts and souls, pasts and futures, to determine if they are worthy of a place within Valhalla. This power could, in theory, expand to a variety of telepathic powers, or several other pseudo-mystical abilities concerning death, the dead, the soul, general character judgement, and perhaps things like Inspiring Awe or making mortals unable to see her until she engages them or they are close to death.

  • Death Sense: Excellent. This is the default power facet for the power.
  • Telepathy: Good. Reading the surface thoughts of others lets her learn who among the warriors is worthy. It has other uses as well.
  • Psychometry: Good. With a touch on a person, location or object she can witness its immediate past. This is also important for her duties, as well as having other applications.
  • Binding Oath: Poor. Ravdna can make any oath that someone freely makes in front of her into a binding oath—after that, their oath acts as Mind Control to compel them to carry through on what they have sworn to do. This increases by one rank if they formally swear on the tip of Odin's spear, Gugnir.

Unique Weapon—Gugnir: This is Odin's war spear. Ravdna is tasked with carrying it until the One-Eyed god needs it in battle. The Spear is made of Unearthly material. Attacks with it can be either edged (at wielder's strength rank) or blunt (at wielder's strength rank +1 [In Ravda's case these are Remarkable and Incredible]). In Odin's hands Gugnir has a variety of abilities, but for Ravdna it provides the following:

  • Guardianship: Ravdna cannot be permanently separated from the spear until she hands it to Odin in time of war. Gugnir will penetrate dimensional barriers to return to Ravdna, but it does not always chose the easiest method. Ravdna has no control over this power.
  • Sensory Enhancement: While she is holding Gugnir, Ravdna's Valkyrie Senses are increased by 2 ranks (+20 points). This raises her Death sense to Incredible, her Telepathy and Psychometry to Remarkable, and her Mind Control to Good (or excellent if they swear on the tip of the spear).


Patsy Walker is the only daughter of Joshua and Dorothy Walker. While a child, Patsy worked as a model and starred in her mother's comic book series focusing on a Patsy-esque character and her friends. The comic series was very popular for nearly a decade. Patsy came to idolize the fictional heroes of many comic books, often daydreaming about becoming a hero herself. Her dreams were put on hold, however, with her marriage to Robert Baxter, who was an officer in the Air Force. Patsy lived on a few Air Force bases, but eventually her marriage came to a bitter end as her husband became increasingly violent and irrational. Recently, Patsy has moved to New York to start over again, perhaps by finding work again as a model.

Ravdna is one of hundreds of Asgardian warrior-women. Lately, she has become disturbed by unsettling changes in Asgard's power structure. Odin left on some sort of secret mission, leaving Thor in charge. Then, the evil enchantress Amora and her lackey, Skurge the Executioner, combined forces with Loki. Amora seduced Thor and now has him under her spell. Together, Loki and Amora conducted a raid of Midgard, killing many and taking others prisoner. Such a situation is intolerable, but so far most Asgardians are willing to tolerate it. Perhaps the situation will change or some opportunity will arise for her to put things right.

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