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Basic Information:
Name: The Specter
Identity: Dr. Victor Von Doom
Alias: Dr. Victor Dumas
Player: Chad Stratton
Nationality: Latverian
Legal Status: Political Refugee Granted Asylum
Occupation: Freelance Inventor
Group Affiliation: Avengers
Base of Operations: Castle Dumas, Glen Cove, Long Island, NY
Power Source: Altered Human
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Gender: Male
Height: 6' 4"
Weight: 235 lb.
Hair: Flaxen
Eyes: Green
Skin: Light
Age: 38
Build: Fit, broad-shouldered
Primary Attributes:
Fighting: Excellent (20)
Agility: Good (10)
Strength: Good (10)
Endurance: Incredible (40)
Reason: Amazing (50)
Intuition: Good (10)
Psyche: Good (10)
Secondary Attributes:
Health: 80
Karma: 117
Resources: Remarkable (35)
Contacts: Tony Stark, Avengers
Talents: Victor is the world's foremost scientific mind. His work is on a level that is beyond what most humans can even conceive of.
  • Physics - +1 Column Shift (Monstrous)
  • Engineering—+1 Column Shift (Monstrous)
  • Repair/Tinkering—+1 Extra CS (Unearthly with Engineering or Physics when applicable)

Powers/Power Stunts:

Phasing: Specter has the Monstrous (75) ability to phase his body completely out of sync with the rest of reality thereby allowing him to pass through objects.

  • Dimension Travel: Monstrous (75)
    (LOST THIS POWER TO ODIN) Specter can phase himself into another dimension by adjusting his vibrational attunment to match that of the desired destination dimension.
  • Air Walking: Monstrous (75)
    Specter can move on the air with Monstrous ability as if it were solid ground. This only provides the same speed as if he were moving on the ground.
  • Technology Disruption: Monstrous (75)
    Monstrous ability to disrupt electrical/electronic equipment.
  • Bio-Disruption: Monstrous (75)
    Monstrous ability to affect another being through contact while he is phased. Specter passes his hand through the target and partially re-solidifies and he or she takes Monstrous damage.
  • Phase Others/Objects: Monstrous (75)
    Specter has the Monstrous ability to phase other people who are in contact with him or in contact with someone who he is in contact with. Specter can also phase inanimate objects of up to Monstrous strength material.
  • Quick Phased Strike: Monstrous (75)
    The ability to phase in, strike a target and then phase back out in a single round.
  • Partial Phasing: Monstrous (75)
    Phasing in part of the body allowing the remainder to remain out of phase or vice versa.
  • Environmental Independence: Monstrous (75)
    Specter does not need to breathe when phased nor do those who he has phased.


The man now known as Victor Dumas was born to the top two theoretical scientists in Eastern Europe in-between world wars. These two scientists, named Ratovan and Herlia Von Doom were contemporaries of Albert Einstein and studied under the famous scientist prior to the second world war. But once the conflict started, Von Doom's secret relation to the ruling family of the nation of Latveria was revealed and soon they were interned in Biadept, one of the most infamous Nazi concentration camps in Eastern Europe. Their son, Victor was also interned and he spent his formative years in the camp seeing first, his father, then later his mother put to death by the Nazi guards. Victor just barely escaped death himself before the camp was liberated by the Soviets in 1945.

While in the camp his parents taught Victor about their family's history and years later when he was finally freed as a young man, the Soviets placed Doom in charge of the newly created communist puppet government of Latveria. Doom ruled as a young man for a few years but when he openly went against the Soviets in 1961, he was deposed and sent to prison in Siberia. Victor was held for several months before escaping and making the solo trek across the Eastern Soviet Union's vast barren territory. It was through sheer force of will that he finally reached the Bering Straights and soon after to Alaska and the United States where he was granted political asylum.

Doom settled in New York City, where after learning the United States had no interest in recognizing his government in exile, he legally changed his name to Victor Dumas and built a castle on Long Island with the vast wealth his family had secreted away in Swiss bank accounts before the war.

When he first arrived in New York, Victor met fellow scientist Reed Richards and the two men became fast friends and professional but friendly rivals. Victor and Reed together came up with the idea to build a rocket ship that would carry them into space.

They both worked on the project but soon found out that the federal government was going to shut down the project due to cost over-runs. They decided to act quickly and soon, Reed Richards, Victor Dumas, Johnny Storm, Susan Storm and Ben Grimm blasted off into space.

Unfortunately the shielding on the rocket had not been completed due to the hasty departure. The ship was bathed in cosmic rays and over the next several days, all of those who had been aboard except Victor and Susan sickened. Johnny and Benjamin eventually died from radiation-related illness. Richards has been in a coma, hovering between life and death, for the last six months.

Both Susan Storm and Victor Dumas developed fantastic powers that allowed them to phase through both matter and energy. Victor surmised that it is what helped the two of them to survive the exposure of the cosmic rays. A short romance blossomed between Storm and Dumas, but they broke it off after they both became busy with their careers.

Today Victor Dumas is recognized as the foremost scientific mind of the world and he works hard to achieve freedom for his people in Latveria and hopes to one day go back to be their leader.

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