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    "I may perhaps bring a guest along, if no one objects—someone I know will almost undoubtedly be interested in making your acquaintance, and I believe will be able to contribute to our discussion as well." She glances into the darkness where the dragonship disappeared. "If—and when—there is a next time, it would be well to more prepared."
    "Yes, it would," Emerald admitted. "I almost hate to mention this, but can anyone recommend a place to stay for the night. I've only been in town ten hours," the exhilaration of the fight now forgotten his concerns of real life come crashing back to the young man. "Should be able to find the meeting tomorrow, though."
    Adrian is intensely relieved that the others aren't pushing for the morning meeting time. "I have no problem with guests, in limited numbers. We have enough to talk about that we don't want to clutter things too much." Union pauses for a second, then adds "And no press. We should work things out among ourselves before we have to deal with the papers."
    Union looks at the young telekinetic, while Adrian's mind is racing. *Can I offer to put him up? I'm not sure I can afford to let my real identity be known yet, not with But I don't want to see this kid sleeping on the street. I'd give him money for a hotel, if I had any...* He then glances furtively behind his helmet, hoping that someone else will chime in and make an offer, feeling a cad.
    "A night meeting would suit me as well," says Delta V, continuing to move from place to place at super speed in order to conceal his identity. *I feel myself trusting these heroes with little doubt in my mind, but I don't want a stray camera to capture my image.*
    *I don't know how I'm going to explain this to the wife, but...* "I can put you up for the night Emerald; I feel like I can trust you well enough not to fear for my safety or the safety of my family."

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