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    Aegis notes the carnage and most especially the Viking ship with the large blond woman, most likely the leader of this little expedition. Deciding that when the Vikings are finished they will all go running back to their ship to head home, Aegis begins to fly back and forth over the Viking ship, locking on to the ship and firing her Kinetic Bolts at full strength.
    The first kinetic bolt punches a hole through the upper deck, immediately drawing the attention of the few Vikings on the boat. They point and yell, scattering away from the initial point of impact. That is, all scatter except one: a tall, blonde, beardless man, whose cruel features are visible even from Aegis's altitude.
    "Fools!" he yells. "Thou art afraid of a mortal woman!? Bah!"
    And with a flourish, the cruel mocker hurls a blast of crimson energy that sears Aegis, all of her senses screaming in agony before a force almost great enough to knock her from the sky! Staggering, gasping, Aegis knows that she will not be able to withstand a second such attack.
    Aegis dodges with impossible precision as she zooms back, away from the ship. She dips close to sea level just above the water, and begins a more cautious and strategic return trip.
    Another crimson bolt of energy blazes by Aegis so closely that she can feel its withering heat. Fortunately, her corkscrew dive into the river foiled her foe's deadly aim. An instant later, Aegis is back above water, rocketing low to the surface, towards the back of the dragonship, where she tears through the hull to enter the hold. As she does so, a half dozen Vikings drop their assorted loot in surprise, turning in her direction! Aegis gives the warriors a wild smile, "Howdy boys, its time to rumble," and then kicks her anti-grav units and flies at them with her arms outstretched, hoping a flying charge will shake up her opponents.
    Darkangel pulled up short as he gazed down at the scene of carnage below. "What the hell??", were the words that a puzzled Stern used to convey the unbelievable sight before him. A thousand thoughts flashed through his mind in an instant as he vainly attempted to place some reason to the scene before him. People dashed madly to and fro as ancient Vikings slashed them to their deaths. Screams could be heard faintly from a row of burning warehouses, as the sound of flames mixed the groaning of ....Ghosts?.. as they were lifted up on the wings of the women he had followed here.
    Off in the river stood a dragon shaped boat filled with rowers. Upon the bow stood... her... She was the most beautiful thing Sam had seen, though she was heavily muscled, and she stood out far more than the Vikings or the ship, for she seemed to be the one orchestrating the destruction below. DarkAngel watched as the man dressed as Captain America smashed into a group of the Vikings scattering them, and the woman in the funky suit flew off to blast the ship.
    Sam sighed to himself, "We don't have time for this," he thought quickly to himself, then added, "Dammit.. I HATE pulling this stunt."
    DarkAngel waved his hand before him in the air seeming almost to cleave the atmosphere itself, creating a portal of purest darkness before him. He dove in headlong, his senses screaming, drowning in the black sea that engulfed him. He floated for what felt like ages... alone in a sea of darkness, until finally ahead, he saw a light. He streaked for it and found himself emerging directly in front of the Amazon on the bow. "Don't blow this now Sam.. make it good..." he thought to himself as he extended his arms to either side, a dark energy crackling over his fists, his already dark eyes burning with black fire. With effort he controlled his voice to make it sound booming and ominous as he spoke to the lady.
    "Man I hope this freakin' works...." Sam's mind screamed at himself as he waited for the woman's reaction.
    The beautiful woman of Amazonian proportions starts at Dark Angel's sudden, dramatic appearance, taking several steps backwards and away from him, her eyes wide with shock. Unfortunately, she quickly regains her composure.
    "Thou hath an impressive visage," she says sweetly, "but the stink of mortal hangs heavy about ye. What say ye, my love?"
    "I agree," a deep voice from behind Dark Angel speaks.
    Instinctively, the winged hero ducks and jumps to the side, turning to face his new foe, just in time see a huge man, nearly seven feet tall, with flaming red hair and beard, swing a heavy hammer at him. The weapon, trailing sparks of electricity, narrowly misses Dark Angel's head.
    "Smash him for me," the woman says.
    "Aye," the red-bearded man responds.
    ..".alright Sam... don't lose it now... don't let these jokers rattle yah.." Darkangel thought to himself as he spun around to face the large man. He twists his face into an angry grimace and brings his hands forward blanketing the entire area of the bow in complete darkness. "Lets see how tough these jokers are when they can't see..." he thought as he simultaneously swooped towards the last place that he had seen the Amazon. "Lady..." he said aloud, "it's time fer me and you ta dance..."
    Darkness envelopes a portion of the ship's bow. Dark Angel and his two foes vanish from sight within the inky globe. The tall woman tries to escape the darkness, but Dark Angel is ready for her. With a gesture, bands of blackness visible only to him in the midnight umbra of the sphere fly forward to grapple the woman.
    "Thor!" she cries. "Protect me!"
    "Aye, Amora!" a deep, booming voice answers. Dark Angel sees the giant, red-bearded Viking swing that big hammer in a wide arc a little too late. How can someone his size move so fast!? "Foolish mortal! The Son of the Living Thunder need not see ye to defeat ye!"
    With a thunderous impact, Dark Angel is rocked back, spinning to his knees, under the awesome force of Thor's hammer.
    Rick's attention is drawn to the overturned semi-trailer like a magnet. He darts over to it and lands on the cab of the truck. He wrenches the passenger door open with his newfound power. He hopes he will be in time to save the driver's life.
    A snake of emerald energy lashes out, puncturing the cab's door and then tearing it free from its hinges. Inside, the driver is unconscious, laying in a tangle, nearly inverted. Carefully Emerald lifts the injured man from the cab, taking care to cradle his head and neck. With equal care, he floats to the ground, just in time to see a man, moving so quickly he virtually a blur, rush by.
    Dr. Curt Connors surveys the area. It's all almost to much to take in. An overturned semi, warehouses on fire, a ship out of the past with mythological beings on it. The number one priority has to be the safety of innocent people. With but a moment's hesitation, Curt Connors speeds towards the semi, then the warehouses, trying to help save as many lives as he can.
    Seeing that the green youth appeared to have things in hand, and that there are no other people involved in the truck's crash, Connors rushes on the warehouses. The next sight, however, draws Connors to a rapid halt. Two Vikings have just tore a security guard's hut from the ground, laughing loudly, as a third Viking brandishing a two-handed axe, ignoring the bullets fired by the guard, prepares to attack the hapless man.

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