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Rick Jones aka Emerald
Bethany Cabe aka Aegis (Rebecca Stevenson)
Curtis Connors aka Delta V
Samuel Stern aka Dark Angel
Adrian Toomes aka Union (Brian Rogers)
??? aka Captain America
Victor Dumas aka Specter (Chad Stratton)
Ravdna the Valkyrie aka Patsy Walker (Daniel Harvey)
Janet van Dyne aka Duststorm
Eric Williams aka Ghost Rider
Sam Wilson aka Malachi

Mark L. Chance, GM


Many thanks are due to Brian "Union" Rogers for keeping track of all this stuff and editing down an occasionally incoherent flood of emails into a single narrative. The fairly random punctuation is a legacy of the text's origins with nine different writers. My only part in this was to slap it all up onto the Web. If for some reason you want to read the actual posts, you can check out the game archive on Onelist.

Game Year: 1963

  1. Avengers, Assemble!
    Unfriendly Pillagers (Turn 1-12)
    Interludes & Assemblies (Turn 13-16)
    Over the Rainbow (Turn 17-21)
    Disorder in the Court (Turn 22-28)

  2. Our Country at War
    Separate Scenes
    Unpleasant Messengers

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