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7/10/2002: Earthlink is no longer giving me my 10 extra MB of space, which means I need to come up with a domain name, get a new account, move the site... all the stuff I've been putting off for years now. Damn. Took down big swathes of Revolution and other stuff, put up a recipe for Cheddar Scones and Turn 11 of the Liberty League game.

7/3/2002: Grandma Twiddy died on Wednesday. Gamed this weekend. Boston having heat wave.

6/26/2002: Hectic week at work last week to get the release out, too tired to update. Spent most of the weekend at the hospital, where Dave's grandmother has entered life's twilight. Added Spelljammer turns 36-39 this week. Game scheduled for this weekend, without Josh will be a one-off session.

6/12/2002: Turn 9 of the Liberty League game. No update last week, I was too sick Tuesday. Having scheduling problems for the summer's gaming.

6/1/2002: Added a couple of links, to El Guapo and Redwood Dragon. I have a cold.

5/29/2002: New recipes from my dog-eared sheaf of weeknight standards: Chicken, Leeks, and Plum Tomatoes with Linguine and Fettuccine with Tomato and Sausage Sauce. Enjoy.

5/22/2002: Turns 32-35 of the Spelljammer game went up. The world at large sucks lately, but hey, at least my games are going well. I'm also back up to 130 lbs., but that's part of the "sucks" stuff.

5/15/2002: Played the fourth and apparently last C&S game this past weekend. The Revolution returns June 29 if all goes as currently planned. Turns 7 and 8 of the Mars game went up here. Life is much as usual; a cold, rainy spring, and I'm eating way too many Big Wheat Thins.

5/8/2002: Third C&S game, The Fallen King, arrives on the site. Finally.

5/1/2002: Added a seventh photo to the Prudential Tower series. Very busy this week.

4/24/2002: Quiet week. Spelljammer turn 30/31 went up. Mom's wedding went fine.

4/17/2002: Red Curried Tofu and Three Pepper Quesadillas. We've successfully scheduled a game for May (yay), and I've gotten more done on the last write-up. Life is busy as per usual. My mother is getting married this weekend.

4/10/2002: Turns 27-29 of Spelljammer. Still putting off the C&S stuff, but there's no game this month, so it's not as big a deal as it might have been. Very busy at work.

4/3/2002: Turn 6 of the Liberty League PBeM and some bug fixes that eluded us last time around. Been too busy to work on the C&S stuff much.

3/27/2002: New recipes, Thai Braised Beef with Coconut Milk and Ginger and Chicken and Rice with Caramelized Onions. Had the game as scheduled, went pretty well. Hear Brian and Rachel had a nice vacation in England.

3/20/2002: Turns 23-26 of the Spelljammer game. No complaints. Cheered by my continued desire to work on the novel series, wondering if I actually need stress in my life to be creatively fueled; this could be a problem. Next game scheduled for this weekend although Brian won't be in attendance.

3/13/2002: Bug fixes for the Liberty League game, and pictures of our car and my cube at work. Things are going well, though I'm listening to a lot of Bob Mould, and thinking about my writing more than usual.

3/7/2002: Added the rest of the Liberty League/Mars characters, and provided a bit more substantial front page than I had the energy for last night.

3/6/2002: We got a car!!! I added the second C&S session.

2/27/2002: I got a job!!! I also added the Mars stuff to the site, although it's not going to be here forever.

2/20/2002: Interview last week went well, follow-up interview from another company went well, two more potential companies lined up. Things are definitely looking better. Added recipes for Whole Wheat Orange Juice Muffins and Double-Decker Raspberry and White Chocolate Cheesecake. Oh, and the game went pretty well.

2/13/2002: Added turns 20-22 of the Spelljammer game. I have another interview this week, and the second C&S game is scheduled for this weekend, so things are looking relatively pleasant.

2/6/2002: Added the first session of the Chivalry & Sorcery campaign. Quiet week. Very quiet. Still no word on that interview, no new interviews... nothing.

1/30/2002: Finally decided to archive the majority of this page. More recipes this week, Thai Crab Cakes with Cilantro-Peanut Sauce and Spicy Cucumber Salad with Peanuts. C&S stuff taking longer than anticipated due to sudden need to read the entire Black Company series, leaving aside the tangential Silver Spike. Still no word from that interview last week. Scattering business cards like acorns, hoping a squirrel will bury and forget one so it can sprout. No, wait.

1/23/2002: Turns 17, 18, and 19 for the Spelljammer game went up this week. Job interview went pretty well, I think. C&S game was a lot of fun, hope to have that here next week.

1/16/2002: Two recipes this week, Sweet and Sour Tofu and Winter Garden Pasta. I have a job interview for Monday. C&S campaign starts this weekend.

1/9/2002: New this week, a Variants Universe Timeline. Nothing much, I was bored one day last month. Had a very frustrating nibble that evaporated today. Unemployment sucks.

1/2/2002: Happy New Year! Added Turns 15 and 16 to the Spelljammer game. Organized the turn list under titles. Still unemployed, by the way.

The Times Before: Every else on this site was added, one page at a time....

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