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The Grey Suit stands alone in my portfolio in that it's strictly real-world. Real, ugly world, at that. This one does not get a PG rating. It now strikes me as very early-90s in its themes. What can I say, I was in college and short on sleep.

In reaction to "The Grey Suit" I wrote My Last All-Nighter, my rather poor attempt at Douglas-Adams-style humor. I've included it here for completeness' sake, not because I actually think it's good, although it does have moments I still like. Basically, it was the end of the semester and I was stressed beyond belief, not to mention not really liking my Creative Writing professor. Thank goodness, we do grow up; I'm surprised she put up with me.

I've also posted Chapter One of an epic fantasy which languishes in search of a name. If you happen to be a literary agent, a synopsis and/or the full manuscript are available upon request.

Not quite fiction but not quite anything else ("interpreted transcript" is the closest I can come), check the Role-Playing section of this site for my work on the Revolution V&V game.


Every week as part of the site update I try to find something new to complain about, puzzle over, or occasionally celebrate briefly. These are the ones I like.

  1. The Very First Rant: Cannibal Snack Foods (3/23/1999)
  2. MTV's "The Blame Game" (3/29/1999)
  3. The First Amendment (4/6/1999)
  4. Commodify Your Dissent (4/21/1999)
  5. Flag Burning (5/5/1999)
  6. Online Gambling (5/12/1999)
  7. Tolkien (5/17/1999)
  8. Advertising (5/26/1999)
  9. Net Issues (6/2/1999)
  10. 'R' Movies (6/9/1999)
  11. Boston (6/16/1999)
  12. Another Kennedy Death (7/21/1999)
  13. Republican Tax Cuts (8/25/1999)
  14. East Timor (9/15/1999)
  15. My Feminist Reading List (9/22/1999)
  16. Sex Sells... Yogurt? (9/29/1999)
  17. AIDS in Africa (10/13/1999)
  18. ECHELON and Other Things (11/10/1999)
  19. The Sokal Hoax (11/17/1999)
  20. AOL/Time Warner (1/12/2000)
  21. Generation X (1/19/2000)
  22. Long Hair (8/30/2000)
  23. Christmas Music (10/4/2000)
  24. Seasonal Fads (10/11/2000)

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