Born and raised in Tyler, I'm still a resident of the city known to many as "The Rose Capital of America". I've collected Tyler memorabilia for years and decided to share some of my collection through a series of websites. This is just one of those websites, so if you did not start from my Past Glimpses of Tyler, Texas home page, be sure to visit it next to see more Tyler memorabilia.

I have over four hundred different postcards in my Tyler collection, but only about one third are currently shown on this website. It will take a while to get everything included. My website updates have been somewhat sporadic since May of 2003, when our first child was born. Since playing with my son does have priority, please be patient. In fact, I'm acquiring more postcards per month than I get added to the website in three months time, so I may never get caught up!

The feedback I've been getting has been very good, and I encourage you to please write with your comments and share your memories of Tyler. Enjoy this visit to Tyler's past!


I've divided the postcards into the categories listed below. The number in parentheses is the current postcard count in that category. To view the postcards, click on the desired category name. Unless noted otherwise, all postcards shown are standard size.

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