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       Welcome to the R. M. STALEY FAMILY TREE web site. The picture shown below (click to enlarge) is of my great-grandfather's family, i.e. the family of John Oliver Staley. The young man on the lower right hand side is my grandfather, Daniel Earl Staley. This picture was taken in Osceola, Clarke County, Iowa, probably in about 1907. 

                                                  Copy of John Oliver Staley & Children No.2 -JPG.jpg (60992 bytes)

       I have been able to take all of my family lines back from my eight great-grandparents to the immigrant of that family, and these family lines have all been given a separate page as shown on the left, i.e. Develine/Ely, Goodhart, Jones, Little, Ratliff, Staley, Throckmorton, and Womack.   Please send me feedback on my web site, or on any of the family lines I have shown here. I would love to hear from any of the descendants of the people on these pages.

       For a more complete listing of the information presented here please see my page at  RootsWeb.com.

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