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The following deed for the sale of two parcels of Conrad Staley's land in Randolph Co., NC by his heirs was recently discovered in Chatham County files by Darren Altom. He mailed me a copy, which I have transcribed as shown below. The heirs are Barbara (his widow), Joseph, Peter, Christian, Conrad Jr., an unknown female who married Christian Foust, George, Elizabeth (who married Henry Smith), and Martin. The eldest son Johan Jacob Staley was not listed here because he had already been given his settlement, and had moved to Ohio. Daniel Staley is believed to be another son, but he died in 1817. It is possible that the George in the list of heirs is Daniel’s son, but that has not been proven. I tried to maintain the original lines of the document so someone would have an easier task of checking my transcription, which resulted in extra spaces being added between lines.


Know all men by these presents that we Joseph & Peter Staley

of Randolph County North Carolina, Christian, Conroad, & George

Staley of Guilford County and State aforesaid, Christian Foust of Chatham

County and State aforesaid and Henry Smith of Rowan County & State

aforesaid as legatees of Conroad Staley Sen. dec’d and Barbary

Staley Relict and Widow of the said dec’d of the County & State

aforesaid for and in consideration of the sum of One hundred & ten

Dollars to us in hand paid by John Ferguson of Chatham county

and State aforesaid the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged have

granted, bargained, sold, enfeoffed and confirmed and do by these

presents grant, bargain, sell, enfeoff and confirm to the said

John Ferguson a certain tract or parcel of land lying and being

in the County of Randolph and State aforesaid on the Waters of

Rocky River. Beginning at a Red Oak on the County line Bary’s

Corner. Running Et 170 poles to a post Oak then South 44 poles to a Red

Oak Conroad Staley’s Corner. Then Wt 170 poles to a Red Oak on The

County line. Hence North with The County line with the beginning. Also

another tract of land lying in the same County on the head branch of

Rocky River. Beginning at a Red Oak Christian Staley’s corner on the

County line and runs Et 140 poles to a post Oak then North 145 poles along

Staley’s line to a post Oak. Then West 140 poles to the county line then South

145 poles along said line to the beginning containing 125 acres. In both

tracts 171 acres, be the same more or less, to have and to hold the said 2

pieces or parcels of land with all water, ways, waters, & watercourses

with all the appurtenances to the said tracts of land in any wise

belonging or appertaining unto the said John Ferguson his heirs & assigns

forever and we the said Joseph, Peter, Christian, Barbary, Conroad

& George Staley, Christian Foust & Henry Smith for ourselves, our heirs

and assigns do hereby covenant and agree to and with the said John

Ferguson his heirs and assigns that we make warrant and forever defend

the said premises with the appurtenances unto the said John Ferguson

his heirs and assigns against any claims from everyone and against

the claim or claims of any other person or persons whatsoever whereby

the true intent and meaning of these presents might be affected. By Testimony

whereof we have here unto set our hand & seal, this 27th day of August 1818.

Witness                                                                                       Joseph Staley

Jno. Long                                                                                    Peter Staley

David Staley                                                                                Christian Staley

                                                                                                     Conroad Staley

Chatham County August session 1820-                                      Christian Foust

The execution of this deed was duly sworn in                             Barbary Staley

open Court by the oath of John Long Jurs                                  George Staley

& was ordered to be registered.                                                   Henry Smith

F. Thos. Magnum                                                                          Martin Staley