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             A picture (click to enlarge) of  my maternal grandmother Virginia Nancy Jones, daughter of Lucinda Womack and Owen Glendower Jones, and her son Robert Henry (Red) Develine in Whittier, California in about 1932. Virginia died about a year later.

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       My great grandfather Owen Glendower Jones (named for a Welsh Prince) was one of the more interesting members of the family, having served three and a half  years in the Confederate army during the Civil War. His discharge papers from his first 6 month tour of duty are a family heirloom which survive to this day, and are reproduced below. The remaining three years of his service were with Company I of the 16th Texas Infantry (Flournoy's Regiment) where he began as a private, and was later promoted to corporal. My cousin Patti Graul did most of the hard work involved in gathering his war records, and army pension papers, and in gathering census information on his parents, Ransom P. Jones and Sarah Prince. We both despaired of ever making any further progress on a family line with a common name like Jones. But then I had a bit of luck.

       I did a search on Ransom P. Jones at, and they mentioned a reference to him in the book "Pioneer Families of Missouri", by Bryan and Rose. I ordered the book from Hearthstone Bookshop on the internet, and it contains a chapter on Col. Jefferson F. Jones, a noteworthy nephew of Ransom P. Jones. Based on this article, and some other information I found on the internet, I have constructed a Jones family tree.  Some of this was taken from queries at the Jones Family Forum, which may not be completely reliable. The Mosias Jones I in the book is apparently a composite of two people, Mosias I and Mosias II. A lot of people on the internet have them mixed up too, and there seems to be two different lines of Mosias Jones in Virginia laying claim to the story about William Jones who died en route to America. You would think that Mosias would be a unique name, but no such luck. There are at least 4 Mosias Jones in our line. Some claim that Mosias I was born in 1670, whereas I have used the 1697 figure. There is a possibility of one more Mosias in the line that I have not accounted for.

     I was able to find probate records of Mosias II at Family Tree Maker which seem to confirm the male names of Mosias’s children mentioned in the book "Pioneer Families of Missouri". The authors only mentioned one female name, Rebecca, and apparently got that wrong. All the other female names I have listed came from the probate records. I think that Mosias II was born in Albemarle Co., VA, moved to Greenbrier Co., VA, and then later moved to Madison Co., KY. He lived to be 87, so he had plenty of time for all of this. I base this on the birth places of his son’s wives, and the fact that everyone always kept moving west. The book claims that all of Mosias II sons served in the army during the Revolutionary War. I have been able to confirm that William Jones served in that war in 1778 and 1779, and in fact was at Valley Forge with General George Washington. In 1833 he was granted a pension of $43.33 per year for his Revolutionary War service.

    I have also researched the genealogy of another Welsh family, the Harris family, which seemed to be strongly associated with the Jones family. They always seemed to be in about the same place at about the same time, and there were at least four marriages between the two families. It appears that they were travelling together from Albemarle Co.,VA to Greenbrier Co., VA to Madison Co., KY, and finally to Boone Co., MO. Many male members of the Harris family served in the military. The mother of Ransom P. Jones was Lucy Harris, who was the granddaughter of Christopher Overton Harris. The following is taken from "History and Genealogies", by W.H. Miller, published by Press of Transylvania Co., Lexington KY, 1907:

  "In the period 1780-1790, there was a great migratory movement from Virginia and other states to the new and fertile regions of Kentucky, 'The Dark and Bloody Ground.' Among the emigrants from Albemarle and adjacent counties of Virginia, were Christopher Harris, senior, his second wife, Agnes McCord, besides a greater number of his sons and daughters, in two sets, numbering in all seventeen and a host of grand children, who composed an amazing throng for one family to swell the population of the new country, some of whom were in Kentucky as early as 1783, many at later dates moved to the Territory of Missouri. Christopher Harris, Sr. travelled a great deal over the Kentucky wilds and entered lands on the waters of the Licking river, but settled and established his home in Madison County, Kentucky, where he owned lands on Silver, Muddy and Downing Creeks, in addition to a large body of land in Albemarle, and he owned a number of negro slaves, which he had brought to Kentucky."

   Both the Jones and Harris families seemed to be following in the footsteps of Daniel Boone. Daniel Boone began construction of the fort at Boonesborough in April 1775, the first permanent white settlement in Kentucky. The area was subject to frequent Indian raids, up until they were subdued in 1782. Madison County is very close to Boonesborough, and some members of the Harris family were there by 1783. A William Harris is listed among the original settlers of Boonesborough, but I don’t know if he is of the same family. I believe that the Jones family moved to Madison Co., KY by 1796, based on land sales in Greenbrier Co., VA. Daniel Boone moved to Femme Osage District of Missouri in 1795, when it was a Spanish possession, part of upper Louisiana. He lived in that area until he died in 1820 at the age of 86. William Jones and family moved to Boone Co., MO in 1824. Tyre Harris started buying land in Boone Co., MO in 1826. Roger Jones, the brother of our William Jones, married Rebecca Boone, the niece of Daniel Boone.


Descendants of William Jones



Generation No. 1


1. WILLIAM1 JONES was born in London, England, and died 1696-1697 in Ship Coming to America. He married ELIZABETH ? Abt. 1690 in England.


2. i. MOSIAS2 JONES, b. 1697, New Kent Co., Virginia; d. Virginia (probably Albemarle Co.).



Generation No. 2


2. MOSIAS2 JONES (WILLIAM1) was born 1697 in New Kent Co., Virginia, and died in Virginia (probably Albemarle Co.). He married LUCY FOSTER.

Children of MOSIAS JONES and LUCY FOSTER are:

3. i. MOSIAS3 JONES, b. March 31, 1721, Virginia ( probably Albemarle Co. ); d. January 08, 1808, Madison Co., Kentucky, 4 Miles East of Richmond.

ii. THOMAS JONES, b. Albemarle Co., Virginia; d. 1799, Albemarle Co., Virginia.



Generation No. 3


3. MOSIAS3 JONES (MOSIAS2, WILLIAM1) was born March 31, 1721 in Virginia ( probably Albemarle Co. ), and died January 08, 1808 in Madison Co., Kentucky, 4 Miles East of Richmond. He married ELIZABETH ? Abt. 1745 in Virginia.


From "History and Genealogies", by W. H. Miller, Kentucky, 1907, Press of Transylvania Co., Lexington, Kentucky :

Oct. 1, 1796. Mosias Jones executed a power of attorney to his son, Thomas Jones of Greenbrier County, Va. to convey 130 acres to James Kincaid.


Jan. 8 1808, Mosias Jones' will probated, May 2, 1808, children: William Jones given land on Otter Creek, adjoining Isaac Newland, Lucy Maupin, Mosias Jones, Foster Jones, Frances Harris, Elizabeth Daverson, George Jones, Ann Gamison, Thomas Jones, Roger Jones, Sarah Curroum, and John Jones, witnesses, Martin Gentry, Moses Bennett and John Maupin.



Children of MOSIAS JONES and ELIZABETH ? are:

i. MOSIAS4 JONES, b. 1750.

ii. GEORGE JONES, b. 1753, Virginia; d. April 13, 1816, Madison Co., Kentucky, 4 Miles East of Richmond.

iii. FOSTER JONES, b. 1754, Virginia (probably Albemarle Co.); d. 1814, Madison Co., Kentucky, 4 Miles East of Richmond.


Dec. 3, 1796. Foster Jones and wife, Mourning (nee Harris) conveyed to Margaret Black, of Woodford County, 37 3/4 acres on Otter Creek.



4. iv. WILLIAM JONES, b. Greenbrier Co., Virginia.











Generation No. 4


4. WILLIAM4 JONES (MOSIAS3, MOSIAS2, WILLIAM1) was born in Greenbrier Co., Virginia. He married LUCY HARRIS.

Children of WILLIAM JONES and LUCY HARRIS are:







5. vii. RANSOM PERRY JONES, b. 1805, Madison Co., Kentucky, 4 miles East of Richmond..






Generation No. 5


5. RANSOM PERRY5 JONES (WILLIAM4, MOSIAS3, MOSIAS2, WILLIAM1) was born 1805 in Madison Co., Kentucky, 4 miles East of Richmond. He married SARAH PRINCE February 28, 1839 in Jefferson City, Cole Co., Missouri.

Children of RANSOM JONES and SARAH PRINCE are:

6. i. OWEN GLENDOWER6 JONES, b. September 25, 1840, Jefferson City, Cole Co., Missouri; d. November 28, 1924, El Paso, El Paso Co.,Texas.

ii. CATHERINE JONES, b. 1845, Missouri.

iii. JOHN JONES, b. 1847, Texas.

iv. ELIZABETH JONES, b. 1852, Texas.

v. MARY E. JONES, b. 1857, Texas.



Generation No. 6


6. OWEN GLENDOWER6 JONES (RANSOM PERRY5, WILLIAM4, MOSIAS3, MOSIAS2, WILLIAM1) was born September 25, 1840 in Jefferson City, Cole Co., Missouri, and died November 28, 1924 in El Paso, El Paso Co.,Texas. He married LUCINDA WOMACK December 25, 1868 in Texas?.


From original discharge papers passed down to Diane E. (Staley) Scott:



Soldiers Discharge

To All Whom it May Concern

Know Ye that Owen Jones a private of Captain B. Simmon’s

Company, Nichol’s Regiment of Infantry LV who was enlisted the 19th day

of October one thousand eight hundred and Sixty One, to serve Six Months is

hereby honorably discharged from the

Army of the Confederate States

By reason of expiration of terms of service by virtue of special orders

w5-20 Head Quarters Dept. of Texas Houston April 17th/ ?

Said Owen Jones born in Cole Co. in the State of Mo., is 20 years of

age, 5 feet 6 inches high, Fair complexion, grey eyes, black hair, and by

occupation, when enlisted, a scholar.

Given at Galveston, Texas this 24th day of October, 1862.

R.W. White Comdg Co.

J. Gillespie Lt. Col. Comdg Nichols Reg.

H. Crain Lieut. CSP Army

Mustering Officer


From the Military Service Records found by Patti Graul at The National Archives:

Enlisted in Col. Flournoy's Regiment Texas Infantry (Confederate Army), on May 12, 1862, at La Grange, Fayette Co, Texas for a period of 3 years or the war. He enlisted as a Private at age 21, was promoted to Corporal on Jan.1,1864.



Children of OWEN JONES and LUCINDA WOMACK are:

i. IDA ELIZABETH7 JONES, b. January 09, 1873, Giddings, Lee County ,Texas.

ii. JESSIE JONES, b. 1875.

iii. ZENA JONES, b. 1875, Merrilltown, Travis County, Texas.

7. iv. VIRGINIA NANCY JONES, b. June 21, 1881, Merrilltown, Travis County, Texas; d. May 14, 1933, Whittier, Los Angeles County , California.



Generation No. 7


7. VIRGINIA NANCY7 JONES (OWEN GLENDOWER6, RANSOM PERRY5, WILLIAM4, MOSIAS3, MOSIAS2, WILLIAM1) was born June 21, 1881 in Merrilltown, Travis County, Texas, and died May 14, 1933 in Whittier, Los Angeles County , California. She married ROBERT FRANKLIN DEVELINE April 03, 1907 in Waco, McLennan County, Texas.


i. ROBERT FRANKLIN8 DEVELINE, b. February 23, 1908; d. January 1986, Corpus Christi, Texas.

8. ii. LOUISE HELEN DEVELINE, b. June 19, 1912, Waco, McLennan County, Texas; d. November 12, 1981, Whittier, Los Angeles County, California.

iii. ROBERT HENRY DEVELINE, b. January 01, 1916, El Paso, El Paso Co., Texas; d. March 10, 1991, Palo Alto, Santa Clara Co., California.



Generation No. 8


8. LOUISE HELEN8 DEVELINE (VIRGINIA NANCY7 JONES, OWEN GLENDOWER6, RANSOM PERRY5, WILLIAM4, MOSIAS3, MOSIAS2, WILLIAM1) was born June 19, 1912 in Waco, McLennan County, Texas, and died November 12, 1981 in Whittier, Los Angeles County, California. She married GEORGE FRANKLIN STALEY June 15, 1934 in Fullerton,Orange County,California.


i. ROBERT MICHAEL9 STALEY, b. August 16, 1935, Whittier, Los Angeles County, California.


          All living relatives (other than myself) have been deleted or had their vital statistics removed in order to protect their privacy.

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