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This page contains some biographical information about me, lists some of my interests, and provides links to my favorite Web sites.

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Biographic Information

I was born in May of 1960 in Rochester, New York. In 1966, my family moved to Webster, a small town about 10 miles east of Rochester. I continued attending school in Webster, and in 1978 I graduated from R.L. Thomas High School with a Regent's Diploma. I got a summer job at Bausch and Lomb, working in the receiving department. After the summer, I went to Utica College of Syracuse University and majored in Computer Science. Being 18 and away from home for the first time, I was more interested in the social scene than in studying, and I flunked out after 2 years. I had scored in the top 2% when I had taken my SAT exam, so I knew I could do the work, but I was too busy partying and having a good time to really concentrate on my education.

After this experience, I got a job with an engineering and drafting supply company in Rochester. I worked as a stock clerk and then as a sales clerk until I tired of the place after 3 years and went looking elsewhere. I was unemployed for a while, then took a few temporary jobs, but wasn't finding anything that really interested me. I decided to continue my education and enrolled in a local community college for a year. I did well, but the courses weren't really challenging, so I went back to several temporary jobs until I could continue my education elsewhere.

In 1986, I enrolled in a one year program at Rochester Institute of Technology, majoring in Computer Service Technology. By now, I was serious about my education and applied myself to my studies. It was a tough load of 12-18 credit hours per quarter in an 11 week quarter, and the courses were pretty intensive, but I did well and graduated in 1987. I worked a few more temp jobs while I looked for a permanent position, and finally found Performance Technologies, where I was hired in September, 1988. I have been there ever since and am very happy with the company.


My Interests and Hobbies


Dave's Favorite Web Sites:


Babylon 5
Contains info and pictures and episode lists about the TV series.
Doctor Who Home Page
Info about the British TV series, with links to other DW sites.
Holodeck 3
All kinds of Star Trek related material.
Lister's Pile 'O Smeg - Red Dwarf Link Page
Contains many links to other sites about the British sci-fi comedy.
Star Trek
The official Star Trek site on the Microsoft Network.


A&E Channel
The A&E Channel Online
Comedy Central Online
Comedy Central
Discovery Channel Online
The Discovery Channel Online
History Channel Online
The History Channel Online
Sci-Fi Channel: The Dominion
Contains program schedules, series and movie info, and a sci-fi shop.


Maker of high-performance motherboards and adapter cards.
Check out some of their high-performance graphics cards.
Creative Labs
Company that makes the popular Sound Blaster.
US Robotics
Maker of High-speed Modems.


Beth Donahue
Website of comedienne and radio personality Beth Donahue.
c|net's download site.
c|net's game site.
Time Warner's Pathfinder.


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