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This page contains links to music resources,online music shops, and sites about some of my favorite bands. Since my tastes are more in the vein of progressive rock, jazz,and electronic music, the links reflect that.

Music Resources and Discussions

Music Central
Music Central on the MicroSoft Network.
The Progressive Rock Web Site
This is a great resource for finding information about progressive rock bands and music.
Rock music news, reviews, gossip, chats, articles, discographies, and more. You can also buy tapes and CDs online.
Ultimate Band List
Music resource search tool.
Newsgroup about progressive rock music.
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Online Music Shops

M&M Music Progressive Rock
Online CD shop catering to the needs of progressive rock fans of groups like King Crimson, Gentle Giant, Can, Yes, Genesis, etc.
Artist Shop
The Artist Shop - find music from independent artists sold through their own labels.
Columbia House Online
Columbia House Music and Video club - get your tapes, CDs, CD-ROMs and videos here.
BMG Music Service Online
BMG Music club - get more tapes and CDs here.

My Favorite Artists

| Peter Gabriel | Gentle Giant | King Crimson | Nektar | Pink Floyd |

| Renaissance | Synergy/Larry Fast | Tangerine Dream | Frank Zappa |

Peter Gabriel

Founding member of progressive rock band Genesis, until he left the band in 1975 to pursue a solo career . A singer, composer, and multi-instrumentalist, he is known for his stage theatrics and unusual make-up, masks, and costumes used while a member of Genesis. More recently, he has been active with Amnesty International, WOMAD, and his multimedia computer programs Explora-1 and EVE.
Peter Gabriel
The official PG site at Geffen Records.
Radio Real World
Real World PG site.
And Through The Wire
John N. Underwood's page has discographies, and MANY links to otherPeter Gabriel sites.
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Gentle Giant

British band formed in 1970 by brothers Derek, Ray, and Phil Shulman that fused elements of jazz, classical and rock music. M&M Music calls them "probably the most twisted rhytmically gifted individuals ever. A must!" I agree with them!
The Gentle Giant Homepage
The official Gentle Giant site.
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King Crimson

Influential progressive rock band founded by Robert Fripp and Michael Giles on January 13, 1969. They play intricate and complex (sometimes bizzare) music that can "shred wallpaper at three miles". Past and present members have played with many artists and groups, including Yes, Peter Gabriel, U.K., Asia, ELP, Chuck Mangione, Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra, Paul Simon, Talking Heads, Foreigner, Brian Eno, David Bowie, Genesis, Pink Floyd, Bad Company, Uriah Heep, Nine Inch Nails, and Frank Zappa. The group re-constituted in 1994 using a "double trio" format with 2 guitars and 2 rhythm sections.  They have also fractalised into smaller units of KC called ProjeKCts.  Currently, Fripp is busy digitally re-mastering much of the KC catalog and is working on a new KC project (Double-Duo?) to play in the Fall of '99.  October '99 is also the 30th anniversary of the release of King Crimson's debut album, "In the Court of the Crimson King".
Double-Trio Lineup:
Robert Fripp (Guitar, Soundscapes, Mellotron) Adrian Belew (Guitar, Voice, Words)
Tony Levin (Upright & Electric Basses, Backing Vocals) Trey Gunn (Stick, Warr Guitar, Backing Vocals)
Bill Bruford (Acoustic & Electronic Percussions) Pat Mastelotto (Acoustic & Electronic Percussions)
Elephant Talk
The official unofficial internet newsletter on Robert Fripp and KingCrimson by Toby Howard - contains discography, articles, reviews, interviews, and much more.
Discipline Global Mobile
A small, mobile and independent record company created by Robert Fripp. Check out bios of KC members, tour dates, new releases, Fripp's diary, and info about other artists on this label.
The Adrian Belew WWW Site
Rob Murphree's Adrian Belew site.
Trey Gunn
Trey Gunn's Web site (contains info about his Warr guitar).
Tony Levin's Papa Bear Records
A small company started by bass/stick player Tony Levin in Woodstock, New York.
The Greatest Band in the Universe
Steven Sthole's history of King Crimson.
California Guitar Trio
Former students of Robert Fripp from the League of Crafty Guitarists.
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Formed in Germany in 1969 by British musicians Roye Albrighton (Guitars, Lead Vocals), Mo Moore (Bass, Vocals), Taff Freeman (Keyboards, Vocals), Ron Howden (Drums & Percussion, Vocals), and Mick Brockett (Visuals).
Nektar of the Gods
Info about Nektar.
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Pink Floyd

British group formed in 1966 by Roger Waters, Rick Wright, Nick Mason, and Syd Barrett. Barrett named the band The Pink Floyd Sound, after a record he owned by Georgia bluesmen Pink Anderson and Floyd Council. With their psychedelic music and an accompanying light show, they soon became the official band of the London underground scene. Barrett's heavy use of LSD caused him to behave erratically, and in 1968 he was replaced by Dave Gilmour. Their masterpiece album, "Dark Side of the Moon", took up permanent residency on the Billboard charts, remaining there for over 700 consecutive weeks (that's 13.5 years!!). In 1979, "The Wall" gave the group their first Billboard number one single and in 1980, the film "The Wall" was released. Roger Waters left the band in 1983 to pursue a solo career, and Pink Floyd seemed to be defunct. However, the three other members revived the band in 1987, much to the dismay of Roger Waters who took legal action claiming that the others didn't have the right to use the Pink Floyd name.
Pink Floyd Internet Guide
Info about Pink Floyd and links to other Floyd sites.
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Rising from the ashes of The Yardbirds (the group which also spawned Led Zeppelin) in 1969, the initial incarnation of Renaissance included Keith Relf and Jim McCarty. However, by the time the group recorded their second album in 1972, all original members had left the band. This new incarnation, with classically-trained vocalist Annie Haslam and lyrics by poetess Betty Thatcher, fused classical and rock formats to make some of the most beautiful and touching songs in the progressive/art rock genre.
Northern Lights
The Renaissance Web Site.
Annie Haslam
Info about Annie Haslam.
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Synergy/Larry Fast

Using nothing but electronic synthesizers, Synergy is Larry Fast's vehicle where he does virtually all composition, performance, arrangement, production, engineering, and programming by himself. His music was featured in Carl Sagan's "Cosmos" series, and he has also worked with Peter Gabriel, Nektar, Blue Oyster Cult, Kate Bush, Annie Haslam, FM, Randy Newman, and many others.
SYNERGY electronic music, inc.
SYNERGY site administered by Larry Fast himself.
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Tangerine Dream

German band founded in 1967 by Edgar Froese and Christoph Franke. Always very experimental, they pioneered the use of electronic synthesisers and sequencers in avant-garde music. TD has made many movie soundtracks, including Stephen King's "Firestarter", "Thief" with James Caan, "Risky Business" starring Tom Cruise, "Sorcerer" with Roy Schieder, "Wavelength", and "Flashpoint". Chris Franke left and now works on music for TV series, including Babylon 5. Present lineup includes Edgar Froese and his son, Jerome.
Tangerine Dream Homepage
The official TD website by Tadream productions.
Virtually Fields
Jerome Froese's underground Tangerine Dream site.
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Frank Zappa

What more can be said about Zappa? The contoversial multi-talented composer, singer, guitarist, actor and movie producer was one of the most influential musicians of our time. His fusion of jazz, classical, and rock music combined with intelligent but outrageous and satirical lyrics was unparalleled by any other artist. An ardent proponent of freedom of speech, his loss is deeply felt by many, including myself.
The REAL FZ Page
The official Frank Zappa Home Page, maintained by the Zappa FamilyTrust.
St. Alphonzo's Pancake Homepage
Contains all kinds of information about Frank Zappa.
Cosmik Debris E-zine
Not strictly about Zappa, but run by some big Zappa fans.
Steve Vai Home Page
Official Home Page of former Zappa guitarist Steve Vai.
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