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Hello, fellow Netizens! My name is David Shattuck (AKA: Demonlord), and and my wife is Ann (AKA: Demonlady). No, we are not devil-worshippers; these are just the aliases we go by in some games on a few of our local BBSs. I thought the names sounded good, so I decided to use them on our Web page. Ann and I are both in our late 30's-early 40's and we live in Rochester, New York. I have been Web surfing for about 2 years now though Ann is still fairly new at it, but we both enjoy finding new sites to check out.

I created this site to tell you a little about us, where we live, and to share some of our interests with others on the Web. I have included many links here to other cool sites, so please explore a few of them. Since this is my first time authoring a Web page, I would really appreciate your comments and feedback, so please feel free to write to me or leave a comment in the Guest Book. Anyway, have fun, and I hope you enjoy your visit to Demonlord's Lair!!

(This site is by no means complete. I'm working on expanding it with additional pages and more links. Check back again for further developments.)

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This section will display announcements about new additions and changes I've made on Demonlord's Lair. Check here for the latest news about this site.

November 27, 1997 - Site Redesign Completed

A major redesign of the site was completed using frames to facilitate the top image map, making site navigation easier. The welcome information was moved from the Home Page to it's own page, along with the MetaCrawler search section. There have also been several new pages added, including a music links page and a guestbook. Many new links were added, and several dead links were removed. The MIDI files for use with the Crescendo MIDI Player Plug-in were added. New graphics were used and the layout was spruced-up. I hope you enjoy all the new features and changes to Demonlord's Lair.

January 19, 1997 - Demonlord's Lair Goes Online

With all the excitement over the World Wide Web, I thought it was time for me to join the community of Netizens in cyberspace. I started learning HTML and began designing my own Web site. After several month of design, revisions, and additions (including the hit counter) Demonlord's Lair was uploaded to Sprynet's servers and went online.


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