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Please notice, these are all DOS based items. They were written for any IBM compatible PC. This means that yes, they will run on your kid's old cast-off 8088 XT computer with a 360K drive. They should even run on a 520KByte memory XT. Memory aside, they will also work on a monochrome monitor. They characters are color on black so should show up as amber or green on black

Mathbomb Kids math drill with bombs falling and missiles rising. Kind of a missile defense meets elementary math. Parents watch out. Captivating.

Sharemath Kids math drill programs that I have written are Mathbomb and Sharemath(often stored as

Both Sharemath and Mathbomb include a hard copy test and answer key printer so that kids can practice on these take-away tests off of the computer. Both Sharemath and Mathbomb are self-extracting files.

Shorten This program takes a double- or multi-spaced text file and converts it to a single-spaced document for faster viewing and more economical printing. Works exclusively on TEXT documents. This program takes out vertical spaces from DOS text files. Viewing and printing take up less page space. Self-extracting file.

Please notice, these are all DOS based items.

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