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Information Technology project management, network management; system administration; consultation; help desk; software/hardware maintenance, installation, documentation and upgrades; Solaris, Linux and Windows 2000/XP/NT/9x/3.x operating systems; C, Pascal, and BASIC computer programming languages; electronics technician; radiological control; logistics support; and quality assured work.


        Bachelor of Science - Liberal Studies, Excelsior College, 2010
         Concentrations: Mathematics, Computer Science
        Army Lean Six Sigma Black Belt
        Associate of General Studies, Cochise Community College, 1993
        Cisco Certified Network Associate
        Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer
        Microsoft Organizational Unit Administrator
        Army Civilian Leadership Advanced Course
        Army System Administrator/Network Manager Security Course
        Navy Propulsion Nuclear Reactor Operator course
        Primary Systems Valve Operator course
        Electronics Technician school
        Electronics Technician Maintenance course
        Army Basic Medical Specialist (91B10) school
        Network management
        System Administration
        Computer hardware and software
        Installation and maintenance
        Technical documentation


        Information Technology Specialist, Project Manager, NH-3 (GS-13 equivalent)
        March 2014 to 2017
Manager of sensitive Army information technology, project manager, contracting officer's technical representative, Lean Six Sigma lead, technical writer, technology expert, information security expert, acquisition expert, and configuration manager for secure environments.

Superior Civilian Service Medal
Certificate of Appreciation
        Information Technology Management Specialist, NH-3 (GS-13 equivalent)
        March 2013 to 2014
Program Executive Officer, Enterprise Information Systems, Retrograde Operations Lead, Camp Arifjan, Kuwait. As the eyes and ears of the PEO/EIS on the ground, I enabled performance of military, Army civilian, matrixed civilians, and contractors on the ground throughout the area of operation. This provided both quick turn-around for local Kuwait requirements and home operations at PEO/EIS headquarters stateside. Maintaining and enhancing connections with US personnel, international military members, and local government authorities, I removed obstacles that would otherwise have slowed or prevented projects and programs functioning normally.

Commander's Award for Civilian Service Medal
Global War on Terrorism Medal
        Information Technology Specialist, Project Manager, NH-3 (GS-13 equivalent)
        March 2007 to 2013
Manager of sensitive Army information technology, project manager, contracting officer's technical representative, Lean Six Sigma lead, technical writer, technology expert, information security expert, acquisition expert, and configuration manager for secure environments.
        Information Technology Specialist, Program Mangement, YA-02 (GS-13 equivalent)
        March 2005 to 2007
Program Manager for the Network Operations Center at Camp Bondsteel, Kosovo. Over thirty months, I learned some of the local language, completed several high-visibility projects, worked the information technology projects to close three US encampments, worked with Polish and Ukranian military officers to coordinate information technology propositions to bring the Polish/Ukrainian camp (Camp White Eagle) personnel and equipment onto Camp Bondsteel, contracted and supervised the upgrade of the US telephone communicaiton backbone in Kosovo (permitting subsequent updates and system backup and restore operations), contracted for the removal of a 10 meter satellite communication dish antenna, and drove forward the effort to convert from satellite to terrestrial data communication with the US Army in Europe network.

Commander's Award for Civilian Service Medal (7th Signal Brigade)
Commander's Award for Civilian Service Medal (Commander, KFOR7)
NATO Non-Article 5 Medal
Certificate of Appreciation (Texas National Guard/KFOR6)
        Information Technology Specialist, Network Manager, GS-12
        June 2004 to March 2005
Department of Army technical lead within the G-6 of the 7th Army Training Command in Grafenwoehr, Germany. I supported users by installing, upgrading, and managing their computers and domain/email accounts. I installed and configured software required to make their PCs standards and Information Assurance directives compliant. I was the acting G-6 during a period when no G-6 was available. I designed standard operating procedural documents. I promoted and approved training to enhance the technical capabilities and competencies of members of the G-6 shop. I led the server consolidation migration and the subsequent migration to Active Directory under Windows 2003. I was appointed the Government Purchase Card Approving Official, the Information Assurance Officer and the backup SIPRNET Administrator along with appointment as Information Management Officer and Organizational Unit Administrator. I used Dameware, Update Expert, the Microsoft Management Console and Harris STAT scanner to establish and enforce IAVA compliance and the Army's Asset and Vulnerability Tracking Resource (A&VTR or Avatar) for compliance reporting. I provided training to novice and journeyman-level technicians and performed a great many 'additional duties as assigned.'
        Information Technology Specialist, Project Manager, NH-3 (GS-12/13 pay band)
        November 1999 to May 2004
Department of Army managing sensitive information technology projects, contracting officer's technical representative, Intelligence community, Windows NT/2000 networks, network design, software and hardware specification, firewalls, VPNs, INMARSAT M4 satellite telephone with data, cryptographic equipment, source selection evaluation board, technical research, market research, technical writing and configuration management in a secure environment.

Commander's Award for Civilian Service Medal
        Network Administrator, RAM Incorporated
        June 1998 to November 1999
Relocated to administer the network at the United States Army Reserve Kelly Support Facility. NT network and Microsoft Exchange Server administration, customer help desk, hardware and software installation and maintenance, network design documentation, user training in network and desktop applications, writing weekly and monthly reports and maintaining the computer inventory.
        Senior Computer Systems Analyst, RAM Incorporated
        January 1997 to June 1998
Interfacing equipment alarms and information with monitoring software for the Fiber Optic Cable System in Korea. Perform site-by-site installation and checkout of software, beginning in Uijong Bu in the north through Pusan in the south. Coordinate the site level installations with the overall monitoring system. Researched and wrote the for the Messaging Systems Engineering Directorate, Information Systems Engineering Command.
        Electronics Technician/Flight Crew
        July 1994 to January 1997
Maintain, troubleshoot and repair electronic and electrical equipment; launch, position, and recover Tethered Aerostat Radar System(TARS); maintain site facilities, vehicles and equipment and watch standing with data collection and computation.
        Computer Sales
        April 1994 to July 1994
Match customer goals to system requirements, generate bids and price quotes, invoice systems, ring up sales, deliver and install computer systems, familiarize new buyers with software and hardware, telephone support, troubleshooting and repair.
        Owner/operator, Shawn's Software
        May 1993 to present
Cottage industry programming of educational software written in Basic and C and its marketing. Products to date are Mathbomb, Sharemath and Shorten.
        Electronics Technician (government contractor)
        March 1988 to May 1993
Computer programming in C and BASIC, software maintenance and documentation, analog and digital circuit design and documentation, prototype fabrication, equipment installation, systems troubleshooting and repair, jammer operation, radio frequency monitoring and operation, helicopter and ground vehicle electronics installation, carpentry, and metal bending.
        Electronics Technician (submarine antennas)
        August 1987 to February 1988
Quality assured work and testing, submarine electronics systems maintenance, systems modifications, hydraulics repairs, writing and correcting controlled (quality assured) work packages, calibration test scheduling, and work group supervision.
        Nuclear Propulsion Plant Maintenance Supervisor - Electronics
        February 1982 to August 1987
Safe operation of the nuclear reactor aboard USS Pollack SSN 603, maintenance and testing of S5G nuclear reactor plant instruments, logging and monitoring of S3G core 3 submarine nuclear reactor data, nuclear and steam plant electronics maintenance and repair, nuclear grade components inspection and testing, confidential technical library, trouble log and training of junior personnel.


        Author of Defense Messaging Design Guide - Software Engineering for the Messaging 
        Systems Engineering Directorate, Information Systems Engineering Command (ISEC)
        Creator of SHAREMATH children's math program (BASIC)
        Creator of MATHBOMB children's math game (C)
        Co-author of the E.M.E.T.F. Voice Scoring Facility Procedural Manual
        Author of the Voice Scoring Facility Hardware Manual
        NASA/Emhart Design the Future 2004 Merit Prize Winner
        Led the 7th Army Training Command Server consolidation effort.
        Led the 7th Army Training Command conversion to Active Directory.
        Author of Widower (novel).
        Author of Deployment Kosovo (non-fiction).
        Runner up for the Anne Taintor Caption Contest.


Multimeter, frequency counter, spectrum analyzer, distortion analyzer, time domain reflectometer, signal generator, oscilloscope, RF and audio amplifier, tone generator, oscillator, variable and fixed attenuator, directional coupler, schematic capture and printed circuit-board layout software, power meter, personal computers, military and civilian voice and digital radio equipment, pressure and differential pressure transducers, radiac meters, self-reading pocket dosimeter, nuclear instrumentation, airborne particulate radiation detectors, primary nuclear plant instrumentation, steam generator water level control system, position control instrumentation, movie lighting and sound, camera dolly, dolly track and more.


Inactive due to retirement

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