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Stark Raven

Craig Markley, Beckie Boger, Sue Mogan-Mattison, David Reddick, Sid Omasta

Stark Raven specializes in the performance of traditional and contemporary music from the British Isles, Ireland, Scotland, Brittany, and other Celtic influenced areas. Also included in the band's repertoire are Celtic based original compositions. After having been avid fans of Celtic music for several years, Craig Markley and David Reddick founded Stark Raven in the summer of 1993 as an alternative to the various styles of rock, blues, and jazz music that they had performed previously. They eventually connected with Sid Omasta, a jazz bassist who was searching for an outlet to pursue his fiddling and mandolin interests. Several months later, Beckie Boger joined the trio lending her flute, guitar, and vocal talents. The most recent addition has been, Sue Mogan-Mattison, contributing yet another color to the band's vocal and instrumental arrangements with her diverse background in Celtic vocal and dance. This diversity of these musical backgrounds is what lends to the band's unique sound. All arrangements are by Stark Raven and, while a traditional sound is favored, elements of jazz, rock, and world music may occasionally filter in. Five part vocal harmonies are featured in addition to the band's instrumental tunes.


Beckie Boger - Flute, Whistle, Guitar, Percussion, Vocal
Craig Markley - Keyboards, Accordions, Whistles, Percussion, Vocal
Sue Mogan-Mattison - Vocal, Guitar, Keyboards, Percussion, Whistle
Sid Omasta - Fiddle, Mandolin, Acoustic Bass, Vocal
David Reddick - Guitar, Octave Mandolin, Whistle, Percussion, Vocal

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