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BLAIRLIN's database, then consisting of 8543 lineage profiles and 80 BLAIRTREES was published May 1993 by Preston E. Groome, encompassing the lineages of some 800 participating members of BSGR & CBS and covered some 400 pages. Over half of the member's lineages were matched and compiled into 80 BLAIR Family Trees.

Over 220 copies have been subscribed so far and subscriptions are continuing to arrive, assuring the financial success of the project and permitting donations of over 125 copies to Genealogical Libraries, worldwide. Copies are still available for subscriptions at the publication price of $22.50 plus $2.50 postage and handling and may be ordered from the Compiler, Preston E. Groome, 5 Nichols Rd., Convent Station, NJ 07960-4609 with a check made payable to BLAIRLIN FUND.

Submissions and up-dates are continuing to be received, over 8700 lineage profiles have now been entered, and 93 TREES have been compiled. With the enlarged database, we are now experiencing a matching rate for new members of over 75% being matched with existing TREEs or with present unmatched members, forming new TREES. It is hoped that all will supply the compiler with any updates of their lineages and work on expanding their pedigree. Possibly more can be added to our existing TREES or new ones formed. Updates should be sent to the compiler.

BLAIRLIN and the members seem to be experiencing difficulty in extending TREES and member's pedigrees back to include ancestors born in the seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries, (1600-1750 and earlier). Trees become bogged down in this period. Most of these ancestors were born in Ireland or Scotland and more data is required for this period. I would appreciate hearing from anyone having knowledge of a concentration of reliable data pertaining to BLAIRs born in this period. Projects are under discussion now to translate and record some muniments of the early AYRSHIRE and PERTHSHIRE BLAIRS, the location of which has been recently discovered.

It is going to require funding support for translation and recording fees. A recent new member of both societies, whose lineage has been compiled into BLAIRTREES, experienced the same difficulty in obtaining reliable data covering this period and in appreciation of BLAIRLIN's help submitted a check to the compiler in the amount of $100.00 to be used in this effort any way he wished. It is hoped that others with similar concerns will let one of us know and do likewise so they can be added to the list of direct member doners. We both feel confident the project will be of inestimable value to BLAIR Family Researchers in the years ahead.

Preston E. Groome

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