124. Elisha SHERMAN (54) was buried in May 1858 in Edgecomb Baptist Cemetary, Edgecomb, Lincoln, Maine. Elisha's and Catherine's stones are in the cemetary across the street from the Edgecomb Baptist Church. In approximately the center about 30 feet down the hill. Catherine's stone is lying against Elisha's. There is a smaller stone of William P. (son of Robert II and Bethshiba SHERMAN) that lies against Elisha's also.

Elisha Sherman died May 26, 1858 AE 84. He died on 26 May 1858 in Edgecomb, Lincoln, Maine. Will Lyle's source noted Elisha's date of death as 1859. The actual stone reads 1858. He was Deacon in Baptist Church in Boothbay, Lincoln, Maine.(39) He has reference number # 123.(39) <<<<<<< ---------- L --------- >>>>>>>>>>>
Source: "Decendants of Edward Doty", vol 5, pp. 62, 73

Grandma found Elisha and Catherines graves at an old Baptist Cemetery,
knowing that their granddaughter was a Baptist just outside of
Edgecomb on the way to Boothbay.
<<<<<<<< -------- L ------------>>>>>>>>>>>>
He was married to Catherine TARBELL on 16 Nov 1797 in Boothbay, Lincoln, Maine. Marriage was published in Boothbay, Nov 16, 1797

125. Catherine TARBELL was buried in May 1854 in Edgecomb Baptist Cemetary, Edgecomb, Lincoln, Maine. Catherine's stone is leaning against Elisha's stone in the Baptist cemetary. Broken, the stone is now dark, discolored, and difficult to read. It has been broken at the age engraving. The year of death looks like 1854. This would be confirmed by other sources. She died on 23 May 1854 in Edgecomb, Lincoln, Maine. Original source for this date was Will Lyle's records. The stone of Catherine reads May 23, 1854 though. She died on 28 May 1854 in Edgecomb, Lincoln, Maine.(55) Children were:

child i. Susanna SHERMAN died on 12 May 1813.
child ii. Mary SHERMAN died on 22 Feb 1887 in Boothbay Harbor, Lincoln, Maine.
child iii. Catherine SHERMAN.
child iv. Lydia -L- SHERMAN(56) died on 19 Aug 1880 in Edgecomb, Lincoln, Maine. !Source: "Decendants of Edward Doty" vol. 5 pp. 73, 83
child v. John SHERMAN.
child62 vi. Zachariah T. SHERMAN.
child vii. Robert SHERMAN.
child viii. Charles Elisha SHERMAN.

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