20. John S. CAMPBELL (17) immigrated about 1847 to Searsmont, Waldo, Maine.(18) He died on 29 Jun 1894 in Searsmont, Waldo, Maine. He was married to Mary DOUGLAS on 18 Nov 1840 in Chatham, Northumberland, New Brunswick, Canada. Married at the St. Andrews Church of Chatham, New Brunswick. Performed by Rev. Robert Archibald, witnessed by John Douglas and John Johnston.
Married in St. Andrews Church, Chatham

21. Mary DOUGLAS died on 23 Dec 1878 in Searsmont, Waldo, Maine. Children were:

child i. Anna S. CAMPBELL(19) died on 31 Jul 1895 in Rockland, Waldo, Maine.
child ii. Colin A. CAMPBELL died on 19 Jul 1928 in Tremont, , Maine.
child iii. Janette CAMPBELL died about 1876 in Washington, Waldo, Maine.
child iv. Isabella CAMPBELL(20) died on 18 Feb 1899 in Burketville, Maine. She was Murdered by fourth husband on 18 Feb 1899 in Burketville, Maine.(21)
child v. George Franklin CAMPBELL(22) died on 6 Jun 1904 in Searsmont, Waldo, Maine.
child vi. William H. CAMPBELL.
child vii. Kathryn CAMPBELL(23) died on 12 Sep 1933 in Warren, , Massachussetts.
child10 viii. Walter Parker CAMPBELL.

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