40. Colin CAMPBELL was Petitioned for Land south of Napan River, New Brunswick on 27 Mar 1814 in New Brunswick, Canada. (32) Colin Campbell (23, married) petitioned for land south of Napan River in New Bruswick with James Anderson (31, married), Duncan Campbell (28, married), James Campbell (26, single), Robert Campbell (23, single), Archibald Campbell (19, single), Alexander McNaughton (23, single), and Isabella Stewart (widow w/6 children).

Land grant was registered Nov. 26, 1816, given by King George III of England consisting of 2,245 acres in nine lots on the south side of the Napan River, parish of Glenelg, County of Northumberland, New Brunswick.
He was married to Janette in Chatham, Northumberland, New Brunswick, Canada.

41. Janette. Children were:

child20 i. John S. CAMPBELL.

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