244. Lieut. Edward HALL was Came to Croydon before 1774, with ten children and his niece and lived near his fathers farm. before 1774 in Croydon, Sullivan, New Hampshire. "Mr. Hall came to Corydon, N.H., before 1774, with a family of ten children and his niece, Elixabeth Hall, he lived newar his father's farm, and it is said kept a tavern; he was a lieutenant in the colonial service, commissioned by the crown, and was a royalist from principle, and was highly esteemed; he was selectman in 1784, '85 and '86, also constable, collector, and moderator. Children were all b. in Uxbridge, and four sons served in the continental army." He died on 28 Dec 1807 in Croydon, Sullivan, New Hampshire. He was married to Lydia BROWN on 17 Aug 1747 in Uxbridge, Worcester, Massachusetts. (75)

245. Lydia BROWN died in 1819 in Croydon, Sullivan, New Hampshire. Children were:

child122 i. Darius HALL.

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