8. Captain Frederick L. BLAIR died on 9 Sep 1886 in Ship Island, Hancock, Mississippi. (3)(4) He was buried on 9 Sep 1886 in Mainland, , Mississippi. Barbara Gaspar notes all graves at Fort Mass. were moved to the mainland. Gaspar source indicates L. as Leon He was married to Marcia Ellen HAGGETT on 7 Apr 1874 in Bath, Sagadahoc, Maine. (5)

9. Marcia Ellen HAGGETT died on 29 Apr 1883 in Bath, Sagadahoc, Maine. (6)(7) She was buried in May 1883 in Oak Grove Cemetary, Bath, Maine.(7) Oak Grove Cemetary Marshey is from Barbara Gaspar's notes. All my current references refer
to Marcia. A child that died was named Marcia and the cemetary card
indicates Marcia. Children were:

child i. Carrie Annis BLAIR died on 12 Jan 1948 in New London, New London, Connecticut. Carrie was raised by the Gove family in Bath after Marcia and Fred died -
child ii. Maria Marcia BLAIR was buried in Apr 1881 in Oak Grove Cemetary, Bath, Maine. (7) She died on 3 Apr 1881 in Bath, Sagadahoc, Maine.
child4 iii. Frank BLAIR Sr.
child iv. Harold Ross BLAIR was buried in 1952 in Oak Grove Cemetary, Bath, Maine. (7) He died on 15 Nov 1952 in Brentwood, , New Hampshire. Harold was a moulder at HW Co. Bath ------------------------

Harold was raised by his grandfather and grandmother until they died He
was then raised by his Aunt Ellen (Nellie) Blair at 1353 Washington Bath
and possibly his Aunt Flora B (Blair) Savage

He was left the Blair (1353 Washington) estate after the death of Flora
Savage he then finally sold the Blair property in 1948 and moved to New

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