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Have you ever dreamed of befriending one of the magnificent wild felines? Then consider owning a Wit's End Bengal cat! Combining the breathtaking beauty of the wild with a people-oriented "purrsonality", this exciting new breed of domestic cat can make those "wild dreams" come true!

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The beauty of a Wit's End Bengal is more than skin deep. The shape of the head, the exotic eyes, and the way they move with muscular grace all add to the impression that this cat just stepped out of the jungle-and into your living room!

Witsend Aztec of Witsend Bengal Cattery

GRC Witsend Aztec   (Witsend Vision Quest X Witsend Sierra)
Shown at four months of age, she was the Best Marble Bengal in the Mid-Atlantic Region.


Please get in touch with us for more information about this special breed, or if you would like to bring "a touch of the wild" into your life!



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