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Linda Marie with Witsend Sierra

Linda Marie with feline friend and broodqueen, Witsend Sierra.


Like many people, we have always been intrigued by the stunning beauty of the "wild" cats from different parts of the world, particularly those native to jungle habitats. The idea of a domestic housecat with the exotic look of their untamed cousins fascinated us. But it was the intelligent, playful, and people oriented "purrsonalities" of the domestic Bengal cat that really got us hooked!

After researching the breed for about a year, we acquired our first Bengals in 1995. The descendants of those original Wit's End Bengals are producing stunning show quality kittens with "people cat" personalities for us today.

Every mating at Wit's End is carefully planned to contribute to the development of the Bengal breed and our goal of producing the ultimate companion cat. A lifelong fascination with genetics and the art of selective breeding fuels our ongoing effort to learn all we can about these complex topics.

Firsthand experience breeding, training, and exhibiting a variety of animals since the early 70's has provided a broad base of practical knowledge in the myriad aspects of animals husbandry. Our knowledge of the unique characteristics and requirements of the cat has been gained through study of veterinary texts, collaboration with our veterinarian, and attendance at seminars such as the 2nd International Conference on Feline Genetics and Disease at UC Davis.

In running a privately funded "rescue" kennel rehoming cats & dogs during the 80's, the importance of early socialization and matching the new owner with the right animal was learned. While the vast majority of Wit's End Bengals will readily adapt to a wide variety of home situations, each kitten and cat is a unique individual. We want the new owners to be happy with their kittens - and our kittens to be happy in their new homes!

The benefit of our experience is available to everyone who owns a Wit's End Bengal - whether for show, breeding, or as a pet. Just call or email. (Please understand that we are often busy with shows, new kittens, and other obligations - but if you have not heard from us within a week, please try again! Your email or phone message may not have reached us.)

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