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Please feel free to contact us via e-mail with any questions or to inquire about a specific kitten. However, before we can make a commitment to sell any kitten or cat, we must speak to you on the phone. We care about our Bengals, and want to be sure that you will be happy with your Wit's End Bengal - and that the kitten will be happy in your home!

Before You Buy
You will want to become familiar with the Bengal cat, and carefully consider if this breed is right for you. You will find a lot of useful information elsewhere on this site, or contact us with any questions you may have.

We want to help you select a Bengal that will bring you many years of joy and pride. Most Wit's End Bengals will readily adapt to a wide variety of home situations. Let us know if you have any other pets in the home, cats or dogs, the ages of any children, whether the kitten will be home alone for long periods on a daily basis, and your previous animal experience, so we can help insure that the kitten you choose will adjust well to your particular home environment.

Pet Only, or Breeding?
We are happy to work with those who are, or want to become, responsible breeders. However, kittens placed as pets MUST be spayed or neutered before sexual maturity. This will avoid unplanned "oops" litters and normal sexual behaviors - in both males and females - that are undesirable in pets, ("calling", spraying, and higher degrees of territorialism, plus the strong musky odor of tom cat urine).

If you are interested in a Wit's End Bengal to start or add to your breeding program, call us to discuss your goals. We can help you find the Bengal that will meet your needs.

Starter Kit
A large packet of your kitten's food, a favorite toy, nutritional supplement, and a kitten "owner's manual" is included with your new kitten.

  • The generous supply of food gives you time to find more. Or, if you will be changing the kitten's diet, we supply enough food to let you make that change gradually - minimizing digestive upsets.
  • The kitten will feel more secure in a strange new environment if he has his favorite toy with him.
  • Some of the nutrients are lost in the processing of even the best premium foods. "Udo's Choice - Pet Essentials for Cats", (available from, provides an array of these valuable nutrients, mostly from organic whole food sources, including digestive enzymes helps your pet to absorb these nutrients and to get the full benefit of his food.
  • We add Probiotic Advantage, (available from, to supply beneficial digestive bacteria. Made for humans, this product goes way beyond adding a little acidophilous or yogurt to your pet's food. Specially encapsulated in a tiny bead that prevents the stomach acids from destroying the beneficial microorganisms before they reach the gut.
  • The kitten "Owner's Manual" provides tips and suggestions to helping your kitten settle into the new home, introducing new pets to those already in the home, teaching the "house rules", litters & litterboxes, foods, carriers, etc. There is also a section for training your kitten to walk on a harness and leash.

Tech Support
Nearly a decade in breeding Bengals has taught us a lot - often "the hard way". With experience in animal husbandry, breeding, nutrition, and behavior going back to the '70s, we can help! Whether you got your Bengal from us last week or years ago, please call or email with any questions or problems; we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Health Guarantee
Each Wit's End Bengal kitten comes with a written health guarantee. You must have your kitten checked by your veterinarian within 72 hours of arrival.

Safe Shipping
Many laws and strict policies regulating the shipping of animals insure the safe arrival of your new Bengal at any major US airport. These days, a plane trip is as safe for your kitten as it is for you! All arrangements for shipping your kitten, including the shipping fee, crate, required health certificates, and delivery to the airport, can be taken care of for you - $195. to most major US airports. Older kittens or adult cats may be more.

Personal Delivery
If you prefer, we can often arrange to hand deliver your new Bengal directly to you, if you live in the northeast or mid Atlantic states. The cost depends on the distance, but can be very reasonable if combined with another trip or if you arrange to pick up your kitten at a show where we are exhibiting. Call for details.

Other Policies
While we hope that your new Bengal will always be with you, we understand that life is unpredictable. However, you never have to worry about wrestling with that awful decision to take your pet to a shelter, wondering if it will find a new home before time runs out - if you ever become unable to care for the Bengal you got from Wit's End, it will always have a home with us.

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