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  SGC Witsend Alchemist (Witsend Sojurn X Witsend HeartofGold)


We are proud to announce that Alchemist has been awarded the Supreme Grand Championship title by The International Cat Association! This coveted title is earned by fewer than 1% of all cats shown, but Alchemist did it in five and a half shows! Allie represents three generations of Wit's End breeding (PEDIGREE). Needless to say, we are thrilled!

Many thanks to Toni Jones for awarding Alchemist the Best Cat to qualify for his Supreme! We appreciate all the judges who have recognized Allie in their rings.

We were thrilled that Witsend Aspire (IW SGC Hunterdonhall Tarzan x GCH
Witsend Aztec)
received the Breeders Choice Award for Wildest Looking
Kitten at On Safari 2001!

Aspire's littersister, Snowberry, is available.

GRC Witsend Aztec (Witsend Vision Quest X Witsend Sierra)

Best Marble Bengal - Mid-Atlantic Region 1999-2000

Aztec is an exceptionally large Bengal female, as is her dam, Sierra, and granddam, Domino. She represents a blend of our two primary bloodlines that have given us so many outstanding kittens over the years. Size, substance, boning, great profiles, short ears, long substantial bodies and just look at that thick tail! Call or email for information on kittens.



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