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Witsend Over End Witsend Over End
(Jeweliard Ashland of Eeyaa X Jaipur Notatmy Wits End)

An outstanding example of the seal lynx point variety of snow marble, with incredibly rich markings, evenly dark over his body, giving superb contrast to his plush pelt. He has a great head and muzzle with puffy whisker pads and small ears. His kittens generally favor him in head type with improvement in bone, body length, and nice thick tails.

Here are some of his kittens!:



Jaipur Lyric of Wits End (Lionsmountain Autumn Glow X Jaipur Jubilee)

This large, big boned cat moves with muscular grace reminiscent of the big wild cats. He has made an important contribution to the Wit's End look, consistently siring large, long bodied kittens with his big two-toned spots or cluster rosettes, who frequently have his thick, tri-stripped tail. His marble kittens are distinctly tri-colored, with flowing horizontal patterns, often distinctly outlined. The heads show the influence of his moderately small, well set ears, excellent profile, and broad nose.



Witsend Vision Quest
(Jaipur Lyric of Witsend X Jaipur Notatmy Wits End)

This nicely rosetted male displays a whited tummy, slinky type and wonderful contrast. His kittens look quite cub-like, have all been rosetted, and excel their dams in contrast.



Medoz Dream Catcher of Witsend
(Claude of Exotic Paws X Amore Liza)

The sire of two Champions - of two offspring shown. We use Dreamy for clear colorful velvety coats and rosettes.

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