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Witsend Athea
(Jaipur Lyric x Witsend Gorgi)

Athea is a big girl, big-boned, with big rosettes and a wonderfully wild head. A people cat, she consistently gives her kittens these traits plus long bodies and thick tails.



Witsend Sierra
(Jeweliard Ashland of Eeyaa x Domino of Belltown)

A distinctly outlined seal lynx point snow marble, Sierra exhibits the chain rosetting type pattern along her topline and a tri-stripped tail. Her beauty is more than fur deep; she is large, long bodied with good boning and an excellent head! Her kittens are large, heavy boned (even the females) and have her long, full muzzle. The marbles are tri-colored, usually outlined and the spotted kittens are rosetted!



Jaipur Muse of Witsend
(Lionsmountain Autumn Glow x Jaipur Sprite)

A sweet leopard spotted girl with a long body, nice pattern and highly glittered coat, she moves with the muscular grace of a wild cat. Like her full sister in blood, Notatmy, Muse is a wonderful producer, complementing all the sires to whom she has been bred. Daughters of good producing females are usually good producers in turn. Consider one of hers to start or add to your breeding program.

Muse is the dam of RW QGCA Witsend Noteworthy and GRC Witsend Noteable, both by Medoz Dreamcatcher of Witsend.



Witsend Mandala
(Jaipur Lyric x Jaipur Notatmy Wits End)

Half sister to Witsend over End, Mandy mirrors her brother's outstanding traits: a evenly dark, richly colored, horizontally flowing pattern, with the same long, heavy boned body, thick tail and spectacular head. We are thrilled with her first litter of five kittens sired by Steppingstone. We are retaining a kitten to show, another has been sold.



Jaipur Notatmy Wits End
(Lionsmountain Autumn Glow x Jaipur Fasia)

One of our first Bengals, this seal lynx point snow leopard has proven to be an outstanding producer, regardless of the sire. Three of her sons are currently being used in our program: Witsend Over End, Witsend Vision Quest and Witsend Wyld Dream; and one daughter: Witsend Mandala. This allows us to make outstanding kittens from her current litters available to you!

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